Environmental Issues Solved by Going Online

Environmental issues nowadays have an ever increasing attention from all levels of the social order. Each entity in society started to voice their concern about the environmental issues, or at least consider it an important issue which is related to their life. These environmental issues involve things like global warming, species extinction, air quality, water quality, effect of these environments on our health and many more.

All of these environmental unwell-beings are caused by us human ourselves, where we are too hungry to achieve rapid development, innovation, wealth and power; we tend to forget the importance of our environment’s well-being. Manufacturing plants, vehicle emission, some household products and appliances, and as well our attitude and awareness concerning the environment all have a fair contribution towards the current environmental state.

One initiative that can be taken to help making this world a better place to live is by buying and selling online. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute stated that; E-commerce reduces the environmental impact of shopping by using about a third less energy than traditional retail. E-commerce not only uses less energy, but its carbon footprint is also a third smaller than bricks-and-mortar retail.

Other evidence, Lead researcher H. Scoot Matthews, compared the energy consumption carbon dioxide emissions required to buy small flash drive via a trip to traditional store versus buying the flash drive via online. The scientist founded that consumer driving their own car to a store is by far the largest environmental cost. A long-mile of delivery process also is among the highest energy expenditure for e-commerce. But a SMilDS.com delivery truck delivering dozens of packages along its daily route uses less energy per package. That is where e-commerce really shines.

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